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Anthony & Sylvan Fiberglass Pools in Virginia

No other pool builder in Virginia can offer you better experience, customer service, and high quality swimming pools than Anthony & Sylvan. We’re the true experts at building, renovating, and perfecting your custom fiberglass or concrete pools.

Learn more about the benefits, shapes, and finishes of building a gorgeous fiberglass pool with Anthony & Sylvan.

Build a Fiberglass Pool in Your Virginia Backyard


The installation process, cost, look and feel of a fiberglass swimming pool are very different from concrete. With fiberglass pools, the options are endless when choosing a design that matches both your family’s personality and backyard. More families in Virginia are building these pools every day for many reasons:
• Quick installation process – it takes as little as two weeks to build your custom fiberglass pool.
• Numerous design options – with Trilogy’s patent-pending manufacturing process, we can offer you many pool shapes and finishes, making your pool even more unique to you.
• Economical – fiberglass pools are durable, safe, low-maintenance, and last for many years of swimming enjoyment.

Fiberglass Shapes & Finishes

When you decide on a fiberglass pool for your backyard, our design consultant will show you many pool shapes to choose from. Trilogy Pools offer an extensive line of premium-quality shells with over 50 fiberglass pool shapes to choose from. Their Galaxy and Fusion lines give you a shape selection of classic, modern, freeform, curvy, or whatever your imagination takes you for your dream swimming pool.

This fiberglass Virginia pool has a modern, geometric shape with a separate spa to lounge in. This classic shape is sleek and never goes out of style.


For a more fun and relaxed style, go for a natural fiberglass freeform shape with soft curves and flowy lines to make swimming time a blast.


Besides the standard white gel coat finish, we also offer colorful HydroStone pool finish options to bring more life to your swimming pool. These pebble finishes are low maintenance while giving visual appeal and smooth texture. The colors are Vega, Monaco, Biscotti, River Rock, Mystic Lake, and Stellar – all a mix of sparkly blue, brown, and grey options.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan to Build Your Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass swimming pools are the perfect addition to a Virginia backyard, so take a leap and start building your custom pool with Anthony & Sylvan! We serve the community in Chantilly including the surrounding counties such as Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William. If you’re in the Chantilly area, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (703) 803-7374. We look forward to building your beautiful fiberglass pool!