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Breathtaking Geometric Pools in Northern Virginia

While there are many pool shapes available, the geometric pool shape offers a classic, clean appearance with highly structured form and crisp lines.

Most people think geometric pools only come in rectangular or square shapes, but there are many creative takes available on the geometric pool shape. Additionally, geometric pools can be highly customized to suit your needs and desires.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools is Virginia’s premier pool builder with over 70 years of experience. We have the skill and vision to turn your dream pool into a reality. Discover some of our favorite geometric pools that we’ve built in Northern Virginia below.

L-Shaped Pool with Brick Coping & Raised Spa & Spillway

Northern Virginia pool

Geometric pool with custom water features.

This geometric swimming pool features a variation on the L-Shaped pool, and it also comes with a raised geometric spa. The extension of the pool that creates the L-shape offers a safe, shallow area where younger children can play, and it’s in plain sight of the spa. This allows parents to watch over their children easily as they play, and it keeps them safe from getting splashed.

While children play in the extension of the L, people who want to swim are able to do full-length laps, so this geometric pool design is even more perfect for families with multiple children.

The raised spa features a spillway, which creates a stunning water visual, and it also works to discourage people from climbing into the raised spa from the pool, which could be unsafe. The pool and spa also feature brick pool coping that comes in a rich, red color. This brick coping draws attention to the handsome geometric boundaries of the inground pool.

Virginia Geometric Pool with Custom Water Features

Northern Virginia Pool

Custom pool with water features.

This Northern Virginia geometric pool has side extensions, which add pool width. Added pool width allows for a larger appearance, more room for features, and more room for pool parties.

This swimming pool features a shelf at one end for people who want to sit and relax in cool water, and it also has a raised spa for people who want to sit and relax in warm water.

The left side of the pool features flowering shrubs with water basins that flow into the pool alongside the raised spa’s spillway. This creates the relaxing appearance and sound of a natural body of water. Inside the pool itself, two jets shoot small fountains of water up into the air to top off this inground pool’s sensational style.

Geometric Pool & Spa with Tile Accenting

Northern Virginia Geometric Pool

Geometric pool and spa with tile accenting.

This swimming pool features a raised geometric spa, which actually sits inside the pool on a shelf. The spa is wrapped in striking black tile, which also lines the inside edges of the pool.

Sheer descent waterfalls cascade down from a stone wall, which holds a bed of small, flowering bushes and pine straw. These features contrast the hard lines of the pool with more organic elements.

At night, the pool lights up in elaborate colors to create an impressive, multi-colored appearance.

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