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Most Popular Northern Virginia Shapes

Pool designs offer more options than ever before, so homeowners can choose the right pool for their family, yard, and lifestyle.

If you don’t know where to begin when deciding what kind of pool you want, your first consideration should be choosing the ideal pool shape for your backyard and your needs. There are a number of pool shape options for every pool type. Read on to find out more about popular swimming pool shapes for Northern Virginia.

Free Form Pool Shapes

Free form pools do not follow any standard pattern, line, or shape. This type of pool shape is the best for designing a truly custom inground pool.

If your backyard is an odd shape or size, a free form pool shape is a great way to introduce a pool that best utilizes your available space and needs.

Free form pool shapes are also great for creating a natural pool look, as the easy curves and organic shape more closely mimics the appearance of a natural lake, pond, or lagoon.

Rectangular Pool Shapes

Rectangular pool shapes are the most common kind of pool shape, and they offer a classic, formal appearance.

Because of their uniform shape, which maintains consistent pool wall positioning, rectangular pools are an excellent choice for homeowners who enjoy swimming laps, or those with a very geometric and modern design preferences.

Other Popular Pool Shapes

There are infinite variations on both free form pools and rectangular pools.

For instance, many rectangular pools maintain their general shape and dimensions, but the corners or specific walls may vary slightly in angle and shape for a more decorative look.

Figure eight pools involve two oval pool shapes, which meet in the middle. The middle indicates where the pool becomes deeper, which makes it a good option for families with children or new swimmers or for in-water games like volleyball.

Free form custom pool shapes can also include the traditional kidney pool shape – which has become so popular that it has become a new standard pool shape.

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