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Relaxing Freeform Pool Designs in Chantilly, VA

Freeform pools bring a natural, relaxing feel to every backyard. These stunning concrete pools have the ability to transform your backyard into a natural escape. Freeform pools can take on any shape, making them great for backyards of all sizes. They are easy to incorporate with landscaping and are completely customizable offering homeowners the perfect way to get everything they’re looking for in a pool.

Anthony & Sylvan can make your backyard dreams come true. Our freeform pools are perfect for those looking to create an escape in their backyard. These completely customizable pools are perfect for every backyard, with the ability to transform to any shape and having unlimited add-on features, they are sure to please every homeowner.

Calming, Natural Landscape Additions

Create a backyard where you can go to relax, and unwind after a hectic day or just to enjoy a warm summer afternoon. Freeform pools are perfect for relaxation because you can add a natural rock formation for a more natural, calming atmosphere. Cascading waterfalls, multiple gathering spots, and tanning ledges can all enhance the relaxation and quality of your pool, creating the perfect backyard retreat. The cascading waterfalls can enhance the natural feel of your freeform pool, by fitting into a design curve in the pool and adding natural, soothing sounds to your backyard getaway.

Soothing Freeform Pool Shapes


The naturalistic feel and shape of freeform pools offers a level of zen to every outdoor space and they are a great way to work with the backyard you already have. Whether you’re working around a patio, existing landscaping, or enhancing natural views on your property, a freeform pool works in every space. Working one into your backyard is simple and allows you to utilize more of your yard than a standard rectangular or circular pool otherwise would. Freeform shapes are great for creating a natural, relaxing feel to your pool with easy curves, and an organic shape that mimics the appearance of a natural lake, pond, or lagoon.

Customizable Quality of Freeform Pools


Freeform pools offer a blank slate for homeowners, giving them the ability to add features such as cascading waterfalls, vanishing edges, and spas. These features are great for enhancing the level of relaxation in your backyard. The completely customizable nature of freeform pools gives homeowners endless possibilities.

The freeform pool in the picture above shows how luxurious features can be added seamlessly to your pool. They have added a spa that flows over into their pool along with rock formations to create the perfect space for relaxing.

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