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The Most Beautiful Concrete Pools in Northern Virginia

If you are looking to start construction on your dream pool, contact Anthony & Sylvan. We have over 70 years of experience, helping people transform their backyards into the ultimate relaxing paradise. Our Design Consultants will help design your perfect pool, so you’ll have a place to cool off in the summer. Also, we can construct beautiful spas beside your pool, so you can warm up during the cold winter months.

Concrete pools are a practical and popular option. Check out some of our most beautiful pool projects in Virginia.

Dazzling and Bright Concrete Pool in Virginia


One of the many advantages of building a concrete pool is the liberty to use your own custom shape and size. This homeowner decided to use an elegant amorphous shape to accommodate a large outdoor dining table for outdoor meals and poolside entertaining.

The beautiful pool also features an above-ground spa with a charming waterfall that trickles into the pool. This stunning backyard playground also has a beautiful outdoor bar that matches the finish of their pool. Possibly the most eye-catching feature of this pool are the LED pool lights. The striking lights highlight the distinct edges of the pool, and they are perfect for night swimming. Overall, this is truly one of our favorite pools in Virginia.

A Gorgeous Virginia Pool on a Summer Day


We love this vibrant pool that features a distinct shape. Concrete pools are not only the most economical, but they also offer a diverse range of building options. The unique pool coping stones are a great contrast to the lighter surrounding area. We also love this pool for its great use of exclusive customizations that Anthony & Sylvan offers.

The beautiful raised spa has lovely twin waterfalls that spill into the glistening water. The spillways allow the water to create a harmonious and relaxing sound. On the opposite side of the pool, there is a stand-alone waterfall. Swimmers can also relax under free-standing waterfalls inside the pool. We also love the laminar jets that create enticing arcs of water. This pool is truly a summer dream.

Your Own Personal Waterfalls in Virginia


Our final Virginia, concrete pool is in a class of its own. The stunning rock waterfalls have a distinct spillway into the pool while beside it, the spa has a contrasting smooth spillway. The pool looks like a natural spring except it is in one lucky client’s backyard. The rock waterfalls match surrounding boulder structures to expound on our client’s vision.

The great thing about rock waterfalls is that they can be adjusted to create a quiet trickle or a thunderous stream of water. This pool has endless dimension and the surrounding gardens really put the whole thing together.

Build Your Own Custom Concrete Pool in Northern Virginia with Anthony and Sylvan

Are you ready to start your dream pool project? Contact one of our esteemed Design Consultants for a free, no-obligation consultation! You can also reach us by telephone at (571) 918-0635. See you soon!