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Northern Virginia Custom Spas

Spas are a wonderful and soothing addition for every backyard space. Whether you’re looking to add fun or relaxation to your outdoor space, the warm bubbling waters of a custom spa from Anthony & Sylvan can do just that. With endless custom spa options, our pool and spa experts can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams!

Integrated Custom Spas

Enjoy the best of both worlds by integrating a soothing spa into your pool. An integrated spa can be built into a corner, side, or end of your pool depending on preference, size, and shape. When designing a new pool, this is a great feature to keep in mind as it gives the effect that the pool and the spa are one. Creating a seamless look to your pool and spa combination is simple by incorporating a spa into your pool design. Integrated spas allow swimmers to float from the spa to the pool effortlessly.

Attached Custom Spas

Whether you’re looking to add an inground spa or raised spa to your pool, attached spas are completely customizable and give you a variety options. Attaching a raised spa to your pool creates a focal point, along with the opportunity to incorporate the audible and visual charm of a spillover. This can be done over the top of the spa walls or through a notchin the spa walls creating a relaxing, spa-like look and feel.

Attached inground spas are typically made to blend in with your pool while still being its own feature. Unlike with integrated spas, attached spas are separate from your pool but still provide the convenience of switching from one to the other.

Pools with Detached Spas

The best addition to an existing poolscape is a free-standing spa. The experts at Anthony and Sylvan can help you create a spa that blends in with your existing outdoor space. Detached spas allow for a variety of placement options. Whether you want it closer to your home for those chilly nights that you want to relax outdoors or close to your pool for expanded entertainment space, a free-standing spa is perfect.

Add a Custom Spa to Your Outdoor Space in Northern Virginia

Complete your luxurious backyard retreat with a custom spa from Anthony & Sylvan. Our team of experts can help you design a spa that enhances your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a spa into a new pool design or add to your existing space, we can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

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